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Wisdom Warehouse Brand 

Wisdom Warehouse was born in the sunny Caribbean island, where there are charming beaches and year-round amazing sunshine. Fifteen years ago, when the founder of Wisdom Warehouse David Lodge was living in Virgin Islands, studied a variety of educational toys. And through these tests he found that not only children like the educational toys, but also parents appreciated. Thus he created the Wisdom Warehouse brand! 

David loves China for a long time, and hopes to make own products to help Chinese children. In 2011, Widewest Technology Development Co., Ltd. acquired Wisdom Warehouse (UK) brand, and introduced the MindWare (US), Fat Brain (UK), BrainBox (UK) and other series of educational toys into China. At this point, the Wisdom Warehouse entered China! 


Founder Jeanne Voigt started MindWare in 1990 with a small retail store in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. From there, the company has evolved into the largest cataloger in its segment, mailing to consumers and educators throughout the United States.  

In 2011, Widewest Company introduced the MindWare toys into China! 


In 1991, Gary Wyatt set up Green Board Games (GBG) Company. HAMLEYS, which is over 100 year-old toys store from Britain, loves the games from GBG. And they have ordered since 1992. The knowledge and fun of GBG games is accepted by famous British Museum of Natural History and the British Museum. GBG toys received many international awards. BrainBox is translated into a variety of different languages, and sold around the world more than 20 countries including China! At the end of 2008, WideWest companies cooperation with GBG, and hope BrainBox products to help Chinese children! 

Fat Brain 

In the fall of 2002, a 10-year-old boy named Adam Carson received a magnetic building toy called Geomag for his birthday. Fascinated with the toy and looking to spend some additional birthday money, he went online to see if he could buy a larger set. Discovering how difficult it was to find online, he suggested to his father, a web developer by trade that they create their own online store to sell the specialty toy. Then Fat Brain Toys Company was born in Mark and Cullen’s garage. 

Wisdom Warehouse not only introduced national brands of products, but also developed educational toys which can improve the children's memory, observation, practical ability and logical ability. And Wisdom Warehouse gradually becomes parents and children favorite educational toys brand!